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«Ukrainian Humanitarian Post»

In July 2014 the Nova Poshta Company launched a social initiative providing voluntary service organizations and initiative groups with the opportunity to forward and receive free of charge the Relief Consignments in any Company depot all over Ukraine.

For the period of the armed conflict in the Eastern part of the country, the need to deliver the Relief consignments to the Anti-Terrorist Operation Zone and released localities has increased. Today the voluntary service organizations and initiative groups play the key role in providing suffered people and soldiers of the Ukrainian Army with the required help. That is why, the Nova Poshta Company made the decision to launch the Humanitarian Relief Delivery in Ukraine.

211 voluntary service organizations and initiative groups participate in the program. They systematically and constantly gather and deliver various Relief Consignments for:

  • Soldiers of the Ukrainian Army servicing in the Anti-Terrorist Operation zone,
  • Wounded soldiers of the Ukrainian Army around the country,
  • Population of the regions that suffered,
  • Forcible displaced persons form the Eastern Ukraine.

At the moment, the accreditation for new members of the program is closed, but any volunteer or voluntary service organization can combine their forces with the current program members and address them directly, if there is a necessity to forward the Relief Consignments.

In addition to free of charge Relief Consignments, the Nova Poshta Company constantly informs its business customers and partners about the needs of voluntary service organizations, thus allowing to solve many problems related to supporting the soldiers of the Ukrainian Army and forcible displaced persons.

"Today, as never before, the volunteers need support. For more than three months already the Nova Poshta has been freely delivering the Relief Consignments for the volunteers. That is why, we well aware of their needs", -

Vyacheslav Klimov,
General Director and co-owner of the Nova Poshta Co.

You can read about the needs and contacts of basic voluntary service organizations by clicking this link.

Contact details for voluntary service organizations
Garkusha Georgii

Contact details for mass media
Tatiana Potapova