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Shipping to Ukraine. Import

  • Please read the Terms of international delivery services.
  • Determine which type belongs to your shipment: Documents or Cargo.
  • Determine whether your shipment is forbidden for the delivery.
  • Determine whether your shipment is under the acceptable size.
  • Please read the Tariffs for delivery.
  • Clarify whether your shipment is under the Customs duty. If your shipment if under the customs clearance, our broker will contact you during the delivery to Ukraine.
  • If you are a legal entity before issuing the Oder you need to sign the Contract for the international shipping services.
  • Check with the Sender convenient place and time of pick up the shipment. The Sender must pack the shipment and to prepare the necessary supporting documents for the international delivery before the ordered date of the pick up.
  • Place the Order, filling in all required fields of the form.
  • Pass the Sender the tracking number of the shipment.
  • Receive the shipment in the ordered depot or the address.
  • Pay for the services, if you send as an individual.

Pay attention that “Nova Poshta” does not deliver shipments from foreign internet shops in such kind of service!