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To provide the calculation of the international delivery value it is necessary:

1. To clarify the tariffs zone for the country of destination (during the export) or sending (during the import);

2. To choose the tariff in accordance with the weight of the shipment;

3. For shipments with the weight till 70 kg to choose the correspondent column with the delivery time: 3 or 7 days;

4. If you plan to use the services of the “Nova Poshta” broker, please read the tariffs for the customs and broker services in Ukraine.

–   International tariff zones Guide
–   Rates for delivery of documents and cargo up to 70 kg
–   Rates for delivery of cargo over 71 kg
–   Rates for delivery to/from Moldova
–   Rates for delivery to/from Georgia
–   Customs clearance rates for individuals in Ukraine
–   Customs clearance rates for legal entities in Ukraine


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