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What is considered documents

  • Airline tickets issued or confirmed
  • Annual reports
  • Drawings
  • Computer printouts
  • Acts
  • The diplomatic mail
  • Documents and contracts
  • Filled invoices
  • Technical instructions
  • Manuscripts
  • Maps
  • Personal mail
  • Photos as part of business reports
  • Plans and drawings
  • Prices
  • Visa applications
  • Electronic media: flash drives, floppy disk drives (not blocked, without passwords)
  • Completed forms with the actual weight of up to 5 kg

* Shipment that is consider the Documents is issued at the customs in simplified procedure. Such shipments do not need additional enclosed documents (invoices, receipts, copies of passport, accreditation cards, etc.).

During the customs clearance the broker or customs inspector could change the kind of shipment from documents into loads in accordance with actual internal of shipment. Also the broker or customs inspector could request in Customer additional documents as well as recalculate the cost of delivery.