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Company History

2015 – Efficiency improvement

Modern business ecosystem is evolving rapidly and Clients needs and wants are constantly changing. Nova Poshta’s trailblazer of the industry, leading its way to optimized performance and unparalleled efficiency.

At this stage the Company re-designs internal processes and procedures, having the enhancement of Customer experience in the very heart of it. We enabled deliveries to Parcel Lockers along with drop-off/pick-up solutions from an extensive network of our mini-depots. All of that allow Customers to receive parcels near their homes and offices. Moreover Nova Poshta resourcefully runs a plethora of value added e-commerce delivery services as – money transfers, Consumer loans, electronics pick up and self-check stations etc.

The Company is actively growing and does not rest on its laurels.

2014 – Delivery of the Future

The Nova Poshta has changed the world of forwarding and delivery forever, and these are indeed pleasant moments! Our hands have instantly got used to the smartphones; we cannot imagine our life without the Internet, and the epoch before the Nova Poshta seems to be something archaic. The innovative post system is convenient and friendly for everyone. Quick and simple procedure of forwarding and delivering, a wide network of depots all over the country, online control of all processing stages and a great number of other innovations…

The post is not associated with absurd relic of the past any more, because it is the Nova Poshta for new people and new ideas!

2013 – A Step Towards The Customer

2013 was meaningful not only for Nova Poshta, but also for Ukrainian express delivery market as a whole. That year the company announced to have passed the mark of 1000 depots and thereby set the industry bar high.

In addition, Nova Poshta first demonstrated leading technology and innovations.

The Company fist launched the mobile application, which considerably increased the comfort of customer service. Moreover, the Company launched a number of other services making delivery even faster and safer.

2011-2012 – Fast Growth

Owing to a winning strategy, the company became a leader on Ukrainian express delivery market. Nova Poshta started to grow fast.

New modern depots appeared in every town and village, on the outskirts of big cities and in business centers, where qualified and friendly personnel was ready to provide a full range of delivery and shipment services.

Cargo terminals were launched in industrial areas, where thousands of tons of cargo are being handled every day.

2009-2010 – Conscious Strategy

This was the period of an in-depth collaboration with online retailers and their customers. Shortly after Nova Poshta became a key partner of online retailers.

Within 2 years Nova Poshta passed the mark of 100 depots all over Ukraine. However, the company hasn’t stopped at the achieved and developed the strategy for further steady and sustainable growth. After offering “turnkey logistics solutions”, it consolidated its positions on the B2C market.

2008 – New Threats – New Opportunities 

Many companies did not survive in the 2008 crisis. Nova Poshta, being nimble, saw new growth opportunities in the economic downturn: since numerous clients were shifting sales to online, Nova Poshta optimized its logistics and offered the most relevant collaboration patterns.

“Recession is like a tsunami: you can wait inside till it is over or run ahead of the wave”. And Nova Poshta did run. All in all, the company expanded its client base, increased the number of depots and offered an efficient solution to optimize businesses of any size.

2001-2007 – Stable Growth

These years Nova Poshta successfully expanded its depot network all over Ukraine. Dozens of depots appeared in metropolitan areas.

Over this period, the company was solely focused on corporate B2B market, handling tasks of varied scope, complexity levels and nature. These were the times of “yes we can” attitude, we were trying to get the grasp of the business appreciating each and every incoming jobs regardless of its profitability.

2001 – Business Idea

At the beginning of the new millennium in Ukraine, nobody heard about express delivery services. Ukrainians were sending their goods all over the country in bus luggage compartments or handed them over to train attendants.

Nova Poshta became the pioneer in express delivery. The Company dared to offer a brand-new service– a 24-hour delivery all over Ukraine. The big glorious journey started with 3 depots only - in Kyiv, Poltava and Kharkiv and 8 employees willing to create an outstanding business. Outmost dedication to work and effective management laid the groundwork for the future market leader – Nova Poshta.