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Shipping From Depot

1. Define what kind of depot is suitable for your shipment – a post-office (it accepts shipments with the weight up to 30 kg) or, a cargo-office (without weight restrictions) depot. You can consult a map and schedule of depots’ working hours.

2. Before visiting a depot, it is necessary to pack your shipment on your own (see Rules of Shipment Packing and Rules of Shipment Weight Defining), or use packaging service in the depot of the Nova Poshta directly.

3. It is necessary to address an employee of “Forwarding” zone in the depot of the Nova Poshta and provide him or her with the information required for documenting the shipment:

  • The Forwarder’s full name, address and mobile phone,

  • Delivery destination locality,

  • The Recipient’s full name, address and mobile phone,

  • Shipment description,

  • Declared value,

  • Services payer (the Forwarder or the Recipient),

  • Payment form,

  • Type of additional service (if required),

  • Other parameters that can influence terms and delivery price,

  • Exact weight / dimensions of the shipment (they are calculated by an employee of the Nova Poshta).

4. The operator shall document an express way-bill (EW), define an approximate shipment delivery date and the price of the provided services. If the Forwarder is a member of the Loyalty Program, it is necessary to provide with a member’s card. It is possible to order additional services while documenting an EW.
5. Pay for the services or specify that the payment will be made by the Recipient.
6. Receive an EW from the operator and keep it, till the shipment is transferred to the Recipient.

It is important!
The Forwarder must inform the Recipient about the EW number and delivery terms.