Nova Poshta delivers humanitarian goods across Ukraine and abroad to support the army and territorial defense.

We deliver it throughout Ukraine for free. To be able to transport humanitarian aid from around the world for free we need financial support.

We have opened special accounts for supporting our initiative:

Together we
shall Win!

Nova Poshta Global has launched "Humanitarian Nova Poshta"

Nova Poshta Global has launched "Humanitarian Nova Poshta" project to deliver humanitarian aid to charitable organizations and volunteer fighters (TerOborona) in Ukraine.

To send aid to Ukraine, you need to post or bring your parcel to one of our global warehouses. We will take care of the rest and make sure your parcel is delivered!

We are delivering goods to our volunteers and territorial defenses free of charge on Ukrainian territory. Unfortunately, our resources are limited and do not cover significant costs for fuel, transportation and other logistics costs.

We need financial assistance so that we can keep delivering humanitarian aid from around the world for free. We call for your help! Donate to this cause through the following accounts for international transfers - see the list of items below - link

We are extremely grateful to everyone abroad who are uniting in order to help our country during the most frightening time.

How to send humanitarian aid to Ukraine?

Pack the items in the parcel and stick a note "Ukraine Humanitarian Aid Nova Poshta"
(see the list of items below - link)
Send it to one of our global warehouses
We will do the rest!
*All the contents will be checked and distributed where it is needed most.

Please see the list of global warehouses below:

27 Merry Lane NP100007070
New Jersey (NJ)
East Hanover
+1973 463 00 88
+Mon - Fri 09:00-17:00
Rauschwalder Str 41 NP400007070
Aqua Calida Sp. z o.o.
+49 151 58413734
+Mon - Fre 10:00-14:00
16,Rue Jacques-Yves Cousteau NP500007070
+33 6 46 85 34 68, +33 6 23 11 47 27
+Mon-Fri 09:00-18:00
Ozolkalnu street 2
Marupe, Latvia, LV-2167
+371 2 5555 111
1. Uniworld Logistics UK LTD & Active Freight (Southampton) LTD
Unit 7, Woodside Industrial Estate, Woodside Road, Eastleigh SO50 4ET, United Kingdom
+44 (0) 2380 010835 +44 7786 696319
2. Brother Parcel Post
Unit10, PhoenixPark, Parkwood NP300007070
ME15 9XN
+447926258649, +447864957067
+Mon - Fri 09:00-15:00
1. 18 Karola Miarki NP200007070
Aqua Calida
Jelenia Gora
+48 531 888 192
+Pon – Pia 09:00-16:00
2. Help Ukraine Chełm Pol-Cel
Rampa Brzeska 63, 22-100 Chełm, Poland
PL +48 82 565 01 55
Maltepe mah. Mevlevihane yolu cad 324 sok 4AE/2425 no:49 NP700007070
+90 0545 511 11 03
Mon - Sun 9:00 - 19:00
Halkalı merkez mah Tuna cad Hekim sok No:16 A-B NP800007070
+90 0534 317 15 85
Mon - Fri 10:00 - 17:00
Habipler Mah 2718 sok No:20 NP900007070
+90 0532 256 95 09
Mon - Fri 10:00 - 17:00
4. DSV Lojistik
Balçık Merkez Mahallesi Şile Caddesi No: 20 Arpacıoğlu Tesisleri A Blok NP110007070
+90 0549 790 18 59
Mon - Fri 10:00 - 17:00

Please send your parcels to one of the addresses above with the note "Ukraine Humanitarian aid Nova Poshta"

We are extremely grateful for the enormous support from all over the world!

Nova Poshta joints Nationwide Courage Campaign Nova Poshta supports the country in its fight against the aggressor
We consider it important to tell the whole world about the courage and bravery of Ukrainians. Therefore, we decided to join the nationwide information campaign "Courage", initiated by the Ministry of Digital Transformation. "Ukrainians have been heroically defending their country from Russian aggression for almost two months now, showing their courage to the whole world. And Nova Poshta employees are among them. Every day they have the courage to go to work in offices and terminals to sort and give people parcels with the most necessary things. Every day, our drivers carry humanitarian aid throughout Ukraine, often risking their lives. Nova Poshta people are also defending their country with weapons joining the Ukrainian Armed Forces and the territorial defenses of their cities. We are inspired by each other's courage and inspire the whole world with it. That is why we support the information campaign to glorify and support the courage of the Ukrainian nation, "said Vyacheslav Klymov, co-owner of Nova Poshta. As part of the campaign, Nova Poshta will change the name of the company in its logo to "Courage" in its social networks and other channels of interaction - in the mobile application, in the packaging, etc. In addition, we will launch slogans with this word, which we will distribute in our corporate and marketing communications.

The British Charity Supports Delivery of Humanitarian Aid to Ukraine
Nova Poshta expresses its gratitude to the Eastern Alliance for Safe and Sustainable Transport (EASST) and to the FIRE AID charity for their generous donation to support the fuel costs associated with delivering humanitarian aid to Ukraine. Hundreds of tons of such aid will find their addresses in Ukraine as assistance to emergency response caused by the large-scale armed invasion of the Russian Federation into Ukraine. Quote of Emma MacLennan: “We know that the resources of Nova Poshta are not enough to cover significant costs for fuel, aircraft bookings and other logistical costs. That’s why contributions made by international organizations and companies are of vital importance in order to keep delivering humanitarian aid to Ukraine.” EASST is an independent UK-registered charity whose mission is to save lives and prevent injuries by making road transport safer, greener and more sustainable for future generations. This work has included assisting emergency rescue services. Working with their sister Charity, FIRE AID, and the National Fire Chiefs Council, EASST staff have coordinated donations of more than 5,000 items of fire and rescue equipment, fire & rescue vehicles, and Personal Protective Equipment which have flooded in from fire services across the UK. This has now been delivered to Ukraine and is already in use saving lives.

Nova Poshta
Nova Poshta Group of Companies provides the full range of logistics and related services to private clients and businesses. The Group includes Ukrainian and foreign companies, including Nova Poshta, NovaPay and Nova Poshta Global.
Nova Poshta
The corporate
network includes
10 000
branches throughout Ukraine
> 13 000
automated parcel lockers, which are installed in the entrance halls of residential buildings, near shops and gas stations.
Nova Poshta today
Nova Poshta is one of the
TOP-20 largest taxpayers in
In 2021, the Group transferred
6.4 billion UAH
in taxes and fees to the budgets of all levels of the country.
Nova Poshta is one of the largest employers in Ukraine, currently employing more than
32 000 people
In 2021, Nova Poshta delivered
372 million
million parcels and cargo
Easiness of delivery
for life and business
The company provides easy delivery to each client - to the branch, to the automated parcel terminal, to the address - and allows to create and develop business for thousands of entrepreneurs not only in Ukraine, but also abroad.
Company Mission
Company Mission Company Mission
International delivery
Nova Poshta Global provides international express delivery services to more than 200 countries and territories. The company was founded in 2015. The company offers services of shipments’ import and export of any volume by plane, truck and sea.
Every week Nova Poshta Global carries out regular flights that deliver both to Ukraine and back. Direct flights to/from the USA and to/from China were launched together with international partners.
International delivery
The company is developing
NP Shopping for online shopping.
Through the service of the company you can order goods from online stores that do not have direct delivery to Ukraine: the United States, Turkey, Germany, China, Italy, France, Spain, Poland and the United Kingdom on the principle of forwarding.
International delivery
In 2021, Nova Poshta Global delivered more than
> 8.5 million items
which is 1.5 times more than in 2020.
In October 2021, Nova Poshta Global announced the launch of its own airline, Supernova Airlines, which will take over the delivery of international cargo.
Innovative terminals
Nova Poshta has the powerful sorting infrastructure. Sorting centers are located in every city and district center. The most powerful terminals are located in Kyiv, Lviv, Khmelnytsky, Kharkiv and Dnipro.
Innovative terminals
The terminals are equipped with automated equipment and process from 8,5 thousand to 50 thousand parcels per hour.

The company also uses robots to sort the parcels. Already one third of terminals have fully robotized zones for sorting small parcels up to 2 kg and cargo.

The company plans to create the fully robotized sorting center

Nova Poshta is the socially responsible business. Every year the company implements the number of important projects for the country in the field of health, education, ecology, etc.
Nova Poshta supports the 10 principles of the United Nations Global Compact on Human Rights, Labor, Environment and Anti-Corruption.
Humanitarian mail of Ukraine
Humanitarian Mail of Ukraine is the company’s flagship social responsibility project, launched in 2014. Under the scope of the project, Nova Poshta helps volunteer organizations to deliver aid to the military to zone of action for free. Under the scope of the project, we delivered more than 1,720 tons of shipment in 2020 to 116 volunteer organizations. For 7 years, Nova Poshta delivered hundreds of thousands of parcels weighing 19 thousand tons to the ATO zone - this is the weight of 380 tanks.
Manifesto of Nova Poshta
In March, in the early days of the pandemic, Nova Poshta announced # NP_Manifesto and sent aid to hospitals to help at the struggle with COVID-19. For 2 years, the company invested 58 million UAH to purchase oxygen and other medical equipment to help our doctors. The hospitals received ALVs, 600 oxygen concentrators, 270 oxygen bags, 7.5 thousand liters of antiseptic, 151 thousand masks, 6.5 thousand protective suits, 87 thousand gloves and much more items. Help was received by 51 hospitals in 19 regions of Ukraine, as well as to charitable foundations in Kyiv, Odessa, Lviv, which provide targeted services to patients.
Support for running movement
Popularization of running movement and active lifestyle is the integral part of Nova Poshta's sustainable development strategy for many years. Running is speed and one of the easiest sports to keep fit, and Nova Pochta is the fastest and easiest delivery service. For 7 years, the company held 58 half marathons and marathons, where 70 thousand of participants from all over Ukraine and from abroad (Belarus, USA, Moldova, Canada and other countries) took part. The trials bring together both the smallest participants and older people: the smallest participant was 4 years old child, and the oldest was 73 one.
The Marathon in New York No One Wants To Run
November 7, the day of the 2021 NYC Marathon, marked the start of another marathon, also held in New York. Yet this New York is a Ukrainian village located in the Donetsk region, less than a mile from the front line. This marathon aims to remind the world that the war waged by Russia in Ukraine is still ongoing and potentially get support from hundreds of thousands of people. Register for the Marathon in New York Taking part is free for you but priceless to Ukraine. Because this is the Marathon No One Wants to Run. This race set off in Ukrainian New York — less than a mile from the front line. The front line of a war launched by Russia in Eastern Ukraine. For the Ukrainian people, this is an everyday run to survive. Without any support, it’s a grueling task. Run any distance to support Ukraine. Anytime, anywhere. Register for the marathon. Spread the word. Website Hashtag #marathonnoonewantstorun, Instagram account @marathonnoonewantstorun
“The Hardest Trail”
In October 2021, the “Hardest Trail” was held for the first time in Ukraine. This is the distance of 10 km, which the military veteran of the ATO Leonid Ostaltsev covered with the additional weight of 30 kilograms, which is equal to the weight of the standard set of accoutrements for the Ukrainian militaries. The trail of this format was held to draw attention to the severity of the marathon, which the militaries cover for more than 7 years in eastern Ukraine and to remind Ukrainians of the war that continues here and now.
Business School
The Nova Poshta Business School provides the opportunity for small and medium-sized business owners to gain key knowledge for the development of their own business. For 5 years, more than 2,500 entrepreneurs got training at the school.
Do Ba Di/ ( To Grandma and Grandfa)
In 2020, Nova Poshta, together with partners, began helping older people from small towns and villages and delivering food gift baskets for free. For 2 years, 85,400 food gift baskets were delivered for single and socially unprotected grandmothers and grandfathers throughout Ukraine.